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Experience the culture of Samoa

Publié le 12/11/2014, par blogstravel, Samoa

The culture of Samoa is based on a way of life called “Fa’a Samoa” which means that in Samoan culture all the activities are done together with others. The three main parts that compose the Samoan culture are: faith, family and music. The traditional home of Samoans is called “fale” and they contain no walls. Here can sleep up to twenty people on the ground in the same fale and during the day people use it to chat or relax.

food in Samoa

Family is perceived to be one’s integral part of his life. All the family members live together and help each other. The elders from the family are very respected and hold the highest status in the house. This can be seen best on Sundays, during the “umu” (underground oven).

Families share an umu together as their afternoon meal. Umu is an abundance of dishes which ranges from pig, fresh seaweed and crayfish to rice and baked taro. Other types of food in Samoa include coconut which can be used to prepare dishes such as “palusami”.

In the Samoan culture women play an important role as they contribute with their skills in items that have a very important cultural value such as “ie toga” which represent finely woven mats that are used in ceremonies or gift exchanges.

Samoans also have a lot of ceremonies and “ava” is one of them. This is the most significant ritual which takes place during most of the important occasions and this includes the moment when the “matai” chief titles are bestowed to new chiefs. The ceremony has a very specific ritual which consists of chanting different phrases and doing certain gestures.

Samoa has a very rich culture which can be fully experienced by going to see the place yourself. You will be amazed by the beautiful surroundings and the hospitability of the locals.

The ‘ava ceremony is the most significant ritual which takes place during all important occasions, including the bestowal of matai chiefly titles. The overall ceremony is highly ritualized, with specific gestures and phrases to be used at various times. Ceremonial items for the ‘ava ceremony include the tanoa (round wooden bowl) similar to those used in the kava cultures of other Polynesian societies. The tanoa are made of varying sizes supported by many short legs around it. These bowls and other related instruments are often highly decorated. Known as kava in other parts of Polynesia, the ‘ava is a beverage produced from a plant that is drunk throughout the western Pacific region. The drinking of ʻava in Samoa is generally done through highly ritualized ʻava ceremonies. The kava is prepared by a group of people called aumaga. It is brought to each participant by the tautuaʻava, or ʻava server, in the order proscribed by the tufaʻava, or ʻava distributor. Usually, the highest chief of the visiting party is served first, followed by the highest chief of the host party, and then service proceeds based on the rank of the rest of the participants. The drink is served in a polished coconut half.

Things to check when buying a used travel trailer

Publié le 12/11/2014, par blogstravel, Texas

If you plan to buy a travel trailer anytime soon then you should know that if you are inexperienced with used goods then read on and find out the following tips that should help you not get fooled for the money you will pay. When it comes to checking the Travel trailers For Sale you are presented, don’t let your emotions get in the way of the needs needed to be fulfilled by it. Make a checklist before starting to see any trailers. Look at the following:

Travel trailers For Sale

1. The towing vehicle. The towing vehicle should be able to support the weight of the trailer so do make sure that the capacity of doing this is met. If these criteria are not met then you are endangering yourself and the others and are prone to a car accident while driving.

2. The roof. The roof should be in a condition that it doesn’t allow water to leak inside the interior. Look for signs on the roof which might indicate water pooling. If there is a sealant applied then check the ceiling inside for any sings which present water damage.

3. The bathroom. Look at the shower frame by grabbing it and check if it is possible to rattle the frame. Don’t be fooled by appearance only: even though it looks shiny and new, this look could be achieved by cleaning alone so touch everything to make sure that it is ok. Also see if there is any power fan installed there.

4. The batteries. They should hold full charge. Also, see if there is any corrosion or leakage.

5. The inside. Are the walls, fans, storage compartments and windows ok? Are there any signs of leakage? Do the ceiling fans work in a good condition? Do the windows and doors open and close properly?

These are not the only things to check but are among the most important aspects to see before making your purchase.

Bordeaux, France: a place famous for world class wines and real culture of France

Publié le 8/09/2014, par blogstravel, Bordeaux

The wine lovers know that Bordeaux is the only city in France that offers the world class wines. This city is resided at the Shore of Garonne River in southwestern France. This city is an amazing place to come and enjoy a memorable holiday. This city has many hotspots to visit, where you will find winery, wet docks, and a great accommodation facility. Well, if you are thinking that Bordeaux is all about wines, let me tell you there are many other things to do and enjoy. You will get world class transportation facilities and eye-catching sceneries to see. Let’s explore more:



How to arrive:

Bordeaux city offers you Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, which is situated in western end of the city. It is a regional airport, where flights from all over the France arrive every day. You can come here by plane or you choose the train way. The railway station is located at the central region of this city, which connects whole France with this city. You have also road transportation option, if you want to come here by car or by bus. This city is quite large that’s why you will need to hire a taxi or use the public transport for traveling around. You can choose tram way also, which is also known as electric bus in the city. Otherwise you can run around by bicycle to see the hotspots of this city.


Other popular destinations ideas for France are:

To have a nice walk on the boulevard of Nice and watch all the Bikini women of Nice


Hotels and restaurants:

For sure you can find out both luxurious and cheap hotels in Bordeaux city of France. If you are in mood to live your vacation in fully facilitated way, then you can choose hotels like, Petit Hotel Labottiere, Hotel Des Voyageurs and Hotel Burdigala, which are five star hotels. These hotels offer you luxurious accommodation facility with all modern services. Similarly you can also book a room in cheap hotels of Bordeaux city online.

To make your journey more delightful with taste of French cuisines, you can go in local restaurants of the city. Glouton le Bistrot and La Maison du Pata Negra are the two most famous restaurants in the city. The nightlife in this city is also awesome with hot women Bordeaux. Some pubs and musical restaurants stay open late in the night where one can mingle with pretty women Bordeaux. They offer you famous wines of Bordeaux city in many different flavors. For more informations please check this :

Places to see:

F.C. Girondins is a famous football club of the city, which you surely want to see. Every year few soccer matches are organized in this city for people’s entertainment. You must visit in Grand Theatre de Bordeaux, which is prime location to visit and see in the city. Along with that you would surely like to see the Bordeaux Cathedral and Museum dAquitaine, which are famous for their structural and inside beauty. Additionally you can see many other cultural spots in the city, which are the main tourism attraction of this city. For shopping you can visit in The Pedestrian Center, which is a prime location to purchase anything you want. Bordeaux is offering you many other things to do and enjoy, just book your tickets and visit this wonderful place.

Marmaris airport transfer

Publié le 30/06/2014, par blogstravel, Marmaris

         marmarisSituated in a beautiful gulf breath, at the meeting point of the Aegean and Mediterranean resort of Marmaris is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest that makes you think in peace and harmony. Port almost perfectly natural and splendid settlement surrounded by mountains with trees really deserves admiration visitor. Marmaris can be considered a starting point for cruises along the Turkish coast, while offering fun and the opportunity to shop.

          Bay is known for yachting conditions and cosmopolitan atmosphere ,  you can make excursions to  Rhodes island or  Cleopatra where is said to be the best sand in the world, Pamukkale, Ephesus and House of Virgin St. Mary.

          In ancient times it was known as Marmaris Physkos. Marmaris name comes from the days of Suleiman the Magnificent, attacking Rhodes, expressed anger when he saw the state of the fortress of Marmaris and impulse, exclaimed as Mimar (Architect hanged).

          The waters are quite in the course of dawn and the nightlife is well celebrated downtown. Via your rented car, you can get pleasure from every little thing that this metropolis can offer you. Just ring the automobile retain the services of firms that have places of work right here.Support yourself to a nice auto, the one particular to call your very own during your keep here at Mamaris.

          Dalaman Worldwide Airport is the gateway to some of Turkey's most stunning Mediterranean resorts from the classic Fethiye and Atakoy to the a lot more energetic escapes of Marmaris and Hisaronu, identified as considerably for their nightlife as their gorgeous enclaves. This helps make it a distinct shame then that friends very first introduction to this lovely land is the global terminal of Dalaman Airport, only created in 2006.After you depart the airport, the very best form of onward vacation is a Dalaman Airport

         Vehicle Hire. There are just three Dalaman Airport Vehicle Rental businesses based here - Avis, Funds and Europcar - but all supply a good assortment of autos that are generally no a lot more than 8 months aged. The conditions integrated in the quoted price varies from organization to company so verify with each and every individual company just before reserving.

         One more successful way of getting to your vacation spot is to organise a Dalaman Airport Transfer, specifically a very good idea if you are touring in a big social gathering. With this option a driver fulfills you in the arrivals corridor and normally takes you straight to your transportation without having delay. Alternatively you could catch a cab from outdoors the terminal which cost around EUR50 for a 90km journey, the distance to Marmaris, or if you are traveling with possibly Turkish Airways, Onus air, FlyAir or Atlasjet you can board one particular of the shuttle buses from the domestic terminal to the resorts of Marmaris and Fethiye.If you want to book some excursions in Marmaris and go practice scuba diving , here is a great website where you can book online !

Florida: the perfect vacation place

Publié le 24/06/2014, par blogstravel,

florida vacation homes

Are you undecided about the place where you should buy a vacation home from? Well we have the perfect destination for you. The homes I am talking about are the florida vacation homes. You will surely find this place perfect for your dream vacations.

You should know that Florida has a slightly different draw from any other destinations you might have thought of. The theme parks and all the fun draw people here year after year. With year round sunshine it’s a great place to live in, and you will be able to rent your home out when you are not there, ensuring yourself an extra income.

You can enjoy a great sunset with your family, a candle lit dinner, or enjoy your favorite music by the fire on the great beaches. You get to experience Florida’s good life with luxury, privacy, and your own space among all the others that live in Florida. The best part is that your enjoy it not as tourist, but as a resident, and you can do whatever you want because it is your house.

What is most important is the fact that Florida vacation homes are synonymous with luxury and good prices and are placed in some of the most pristine and pure places,  the effect of this great reputation can be seen in the upward growth of the Florida tourism industry. You will get to encounter people from all over the world because as we just mentioned this is a great area for anyone that wants to relax and have fun and this is why people from all over  the world gather here.

We can easily conclude that Florida is the perfect place for you and your family and if you decide on buying a new vacation home this is the best place available on the market today, so don’t hesitate and get the house of your dreams.

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